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Wearing Metal

Wearing Metal

Maxipart – what’s it all about?

  • All Maxipart branded parts are tried and tested quality products, so you can have absolute confidence that what you’re buying is premium quality
  • There are many after-market parts out there that look like the original, but in performance prove to be poor. We’re setting the Maxipart brand apart from these inferior products, and apply the Maxipart name only to parts that meet our ‘at least as good as original’ quality criteria

    Let’s face it – in today’s high-pressure working climate who wants to waste valuable workingtime changing points on a plough unless they absolutely have to, to say nothing of the cracked knuckles and strained sinews battling with rusted-up fasteners? That’s why we say; “Buying cheapest doesn’t mean buying smartest”.

    Look out for more Maxipart-branded parts coming into our product range this year. Available in tungsten, hard-faced and standard, if you want to minimize downtime and maximize working time on your farm, insist on Maxipart parts.

    We stock parts to fit;

    • Kverneland • Kuhn • Simba • Lemken • McConnel • Vaderstad

    • Rabe• Kockerling • Horsch • Gregoire Besson • Kongskilde

    • Cousins • Dowdeswell • Howard • Maschio • Rau

    • Ransome • Amazone • Sumo • Quivogne

    …….to name just a few!

    We stock:

  • Plough parts
  • Bolts and fasteners
  • Power harrow tines and blades
  • Rotovator blades
  • Cultivator and harrow parts
  • Drill parts
  • Subsoil and drainage parts
  • Hedge cutter flails
  • Forage, harvester bladesand shear parts
  • Buck rake, loader tines and bucket edges