VirKon Disinfectant

VirKon Disinfectant
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VirKon S

The premier broad spectrum vircidal disinifectant is recognised by industry and governements worldwide as a disinfectant of choicefor livestock disease control. In terms of efficacy Virkon®  has been prven highly effective against 100 strains of bacteria and 100 strains of fungi including the  major OIE list A diseases of concern, Avin Influenza (HN51), classical swine fever (Hog Cholera), Foot and Mouth disease and Newcastle disease.

VirKon S application chart
Task Dilution rate Application rate
Surface disinfection 1:100 (1%) 300 mls/m2
Equipment disinfection 1:100 (1%) wash until visibly clean, leave for 10 minutes
then rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry
Disinfectant footdips and wheeldips 1:100 (1%) Replenish every 4-5 days or when heavily soiled
Livestock transport vehicle disinfection 1:200(0.5%)     Disinfect all vehicle surfaces inside and out - park vehicle on a slope to drain and dry
Water system (continuous disinfection) 1:1000 (0.1%) Dose continuously until required water quality is restored
Water system (terminal disinfection) 1:200 (0.5%) Dose header tank and flush through system
Leave for one hour then flush system through
with fresh clean water
Cold fogging at terminal disinfection 1:100 (1%) 1 ltr per 10 m2 of floor space
Thermal fogging at terminal disinfection 1:25 (4%) 1 ltr per 40 m2 of floor space
Aerial disinfection in the presence of poultry and livestock   1:200 (0.5%) 1 ltr per 10 m2 of floor space