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Submersible Pumps

Submersible Pumps


Submersible water pumps are used for total or partial immersion in water, and are ideal for draining out pits, wells, tanks and pools. As these pumps suck water directly in through the base of the pump only an output hose is required. It’s particularly important with these pumps to avoid running the motor for an undue period of time without water passing through the pump – overheating and possibly seizure can quickly occur.

When choosing your sub-pump consider the following factors;

• Head height – essentially the level difference in metres between the base of the pump and the highest point of the discharge hose.
• Anticipated usage – if you’re planning on running a sub-pump for extended or regular periods of time, choose a higher rated pump, such as HOS 2500. These pumps can be run for longer periods and more frequently than the smaller pumps.
• Water quality - clear water or water with very little sediment (such as swimming pool water) is known as clean water. Anythingother thanthis, i.e. muddy ditchwater, dirty water with lumps of mud and debris etc is known as trash water, and a pump such as HOS 2401 or HOS 2500 should be used.
• Floatswitch – this is a useful device which senses water level, and will automatically switch the pump off when water level being pumped reaches the base of the pump.