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Wearing Metal - MaxiPart

Wearing Metal - MaxiPart

High performance wearing parts – Developed from the ground up!

With a rich heritage spanning over 100 years in farming the harsh soils of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, the Browning’s family business of APM, which has been run alongside the family farming business, has evolved from a local country store into innovators and manufacturers of superb quality, high performing wearing parts, supplied throughout the UK.

Coming from the unique background of owning and running a large arable farm, the Browning’s experienced the real frustrations of poor quality, poor fitting and often expensive wear parts themselves. This contributed significantly to the birth and development of Maxipart®, which is now seen as an established brand offering premium, high performance wearing parts.

Outstanding in our field – Nationwide!

Our mission is…

• To set personal service at the forefront of our vision for growth

• To make it easy for our customers, with simple and clear working procedures

• To maintain consistent supply of top quality farm parts and consumables

• To be the indispensable partner to the UK arable farmer for a wide range of premium quality products

Our vision is…

• To innovate and develop unique and beneficial advantages in wearing metal parts

• To match or be superior to the quality of machinery manufacturer’s wearing metal with the development of the Maxipart® brand

• To expand our loyal customer base through the power of recommendation, proven value and dedication to a customer service experience which sets us apart

Our values are…

• Honesty; we tell you the truth, and give you the right advice, even if it comes at the expense of a sale for us

• Open-mindedness; we sit in your seat, viewing what we do from your angle and only providing products and service we’d be happy to receive ourselves

• Integrity; at every stage in our business we operate in an ethical and principled manner, and reward our staff for their loyalty and commitment

• Transparency; we recognise that what we do behind the scenes within the company is mirrored by what our customers see

When we set out to produce the best replacement metal parts on the market we were clear about two things in particular; All 
MAXIPART branded parts are tried and tested quality products, so you can have absolute confidence that what y