Agriforce Laser Torch

Agriforce Laser Torch
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Precision Laser Technology (intended only as a birdscaring device for professional users) keep out of the reach of minors!

APM Laser Bird Scarer


The APM bird scaring laser is a pocket sized device that can be used to clear birds from fields where traditional methods have failed or where noise pollution is an issue because of proximity to residential dwellings. The APMbird scaring laser is totally silent and is most effective when used in low light conditions and at dusk and dawn when the birds are most active.

  • Point the unit towards the ground and then turn it on

  • Move the beam along the ground towards the area where the birds are s itting or roosting

  • Move the beam randomly in the close proximity of the birds to effectively clear birds off crops from a distance

Bird species
Industrial applications

The frequency used by the APM bird scaring
laser makes the unit particularly useful against:

Other areas where the APM bird scaring laser could be used:


Industrial estates
Landfill sites
Livestock buildings
Fish farms
Grain stores
Recycling plants


The APM bird scaring laser should be used on private land for birdscaringonly
The APM bird scaring laser should never be pointed at anybody
The APM bird scaring laser should be used by professionals and trade users for its intended purpose only

Specifications and what is included

Wavelength (nm): 532nm°
Beam Color: green
Transverse mode: TE00
Range in darkness (m): 100-500
M2 factor: <1.2°
Beam divergence, full angle (mrad): <2.0°
Beam Diameter at Aperture (mm): <2.1°
Spectral Line width (nm): <0.1
Polarization Ratio: >100: 1
Warm-up Time (minutes): <0.5
Operation Temperature (C): 10~+30
Storage Temperature(C): -10~+50
ExpectedLifetime (hours): 5000
Laser Head Dimensions(D× L, mm): Φ 23.5 * 180
Cooling System metal heat sink
Operating voltage(VDC): 1x18650 battery

1 x hand-held laser
2 x power switch keys
2 x batteries (model no 18650)
1 x mains charger that will charge 2 batteries
1 x carry case with 2 keys

Birdscaring Laser Torch

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