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Wearing Metal - MaxiPart

Wearing Metal - MaxiPart





Maxipart® – A story of improving performance


Through a long history of supplying farmers every day with a wide range of products - including wearing metal parts – APM was continually experiencing the headache of poor quality aftermarket metal.

Non-branded and vague-looking pieces of steel were passed off as acceptable replacements to the original fitment parts, with farmers understandably becoming frustrated with inferior fitment and poor wear performances.

On the other hand, manufacturers’ original fit wearing metal was unreasonably expensive; however, it had good wear and performance characteristics. It appeared that nobody was listening to the needs of the arable farmer with the choices on offer being poor quality with low price, or good quality with a high price.

We decided we could do better, and besides, no other supplier to the farming market seemed willing to tackle the issue – so we set out to produce a range of parts that had to:


• Fit like the original product

• Perform at least as well as the original product

• Offer a significant price saving over the original product

• And where possible, provide further performance benefits through the inclusion of additional features.


The result? – Maxipart® High performance wearing parts