Wildcat Eezi Baiter

Wildcat Eezi Baiter
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The Eezi Baiter is the best bait station for use with loose grain baits. This is because the two clear tubes enable you to see at a glance (and without having to open the box) what bait take-up there has been, making it the ideal station to use with Wildcat VR, FX and ST baits. As the rodent takes bait from inside the station, the level will drop in the tubes, meaning monitoring is quick and easy. As with all our bait stations, we recommend you unpack Eezi-Baiters on delivery and leave them outside for a week or two unbaited to reduce the 'man' smell, and get rodents used to their presence. Once they've weathered outside for a while and been subjected to general farmyard debris and smells their attraction to the rodent rises and once baited, become almost irresistible!