Wildcat ST 20kg Sack (Bromadiolone)

Wildcat ST 20kg Sack (Bromadiolone)
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Wildcat ST is the premium whole wheat bromadiolone rodenticide. Made with the finest food-grade wheats, Wildcat ST is carefully micronized to prevent germination, then blended with added sweeteners and attractants to improve rodent take-up, while a 0.005% bromadiolone poison provides the lethal dose. Whole wheat poisons such as Wildcat FX and ST are best used in situations where the rodents have been feeding on a grain product, as feed type is continued which minimises the chance of bait shyness.

Available in 10kg or 20kg resealable tubs or 20kg plastic-coated paper sacks, for maximum storage life.

Wildcat ST is ideal for use in the PCW401 Eezi-Baiter bait station.

Type Whole wheat
Poison Bromadiolone
Multi / Single Feed Multi
Best for Rats
HSE # 8731

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