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Broomex Push Brooms

So simple - yet so effective; the original and the best!

    1. Sweep up to 450 miles before changing the bristles - save time and money
    2. Reduce manual clean up to by upto98%
    3. Wide range of models - one for every sweeping application
    4. The original world class push broom - confidence in the brand and the job it can do!
    5. Patented extrusion profile design - holds bristles rigid for efficient sweeping
    6. Stiff bristles - do not need stands to support machine when not in use
    7. Change the bristles with ease
    8. 5 part paint finishing - long service life and maximum durability

If you've never seen one in action we understand your scepticism - because until you've seen one at work, you won't believe a product so simple can be so effective!

From farmyards to grain stores, recycling centres to builders merchants, the versatile Broomex sweeper system saves time and money. Far quicker and more cost-effective than hand-sweeping could ever be, using Broomex is the smart way to sweep. Would you rather employ 5 men hand-sweeping for an hour, or one man and a Broomex for 5 minutes?

With its astonishing ability to sweep virtually any material, Broomex covers ground fast. Fine dust and grains, small stones and pebbles, packaging scraps, metal swarf, green waste, rubble and small rocks, mud, slurry, and even snow - Broomex sweeps the lot and with ease! What's more, whatever you're trying to move, you probably didn't know Broomex would sweep it; such is its versatile ability!

Since its introduction to the UK in 2003, the Broomex push broom has sold by the thousand and many users go on to buy extra for other sites and other applications. With no moving parts to increase the danger of flying debris, Broomex is safe and maintenance-free. No chains, motors or drive belts to break or falter, so no downtime. Even the unique bristles will sweep up to 450 miles before they'll wear out, and when they do, it's a five-minute job to change them. Whatever industry you're in, Broomex is re-inventing the definition of sweeping.

Attach a Broomex brush quickly and simply to your host vehicle - a wide range of hitches enables Broomex to be mounted onto compact and large tractors, telehandlers, forklifts, loaders and skidsteers.