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Agricultural Vacuum - Brigadier

How good is your farms vacuum cleaner?

1. Can it handle solids and liquids?

2. Does it handle peas with ease?

3. Is it easy to use and safe to empty?

4. Does it have a 2 year warranty as standard?

5. Does it come complete with 20 meters of high grade suction hose and useful accessories?

If your vacuum doesn’t measure up to any of the above points... welcome to a vacuum that does!

INTRODUCING THE BRIGADIER - the ultimate agricultural vacuum.


The vacuum designed specifically for agricultural use!

Use it wet or dry - Brigadier handlesfine or large grains,sludge, oil, and general debris with ease. Built to superb quality levels, the Brigadier vacuum will even suck up standing water* meaning wet grain elevator pits can be cleared quickly and simply.

*Provided waterpad is fitted prior to use.

Power testing
“We tested the Brigadier’s ability to lift peas from the floor of our grain pit and were staggered by the results,” says a Hampshire arable farmer. “We didn’t think the Brigadier could possibly outperform our old vacuum - but it did!”

Empty with ease!

No more cumbersome, unwieldy and hazardous manoeuvring or tipping over to empty. Simply release the handle and the Brigadier’s collector tank sits neatly on four heavy duty swivelling castors for easy transfer to a skip or bin. Easy, quick, slick and safe - how does your old vac measure up?